"greatest collections of talent"
by gadomer (2015-01-15 07:11:01)
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  In reply to: Well yeah it was a 6-6 team.  posted by tdiddy07

I was at the UConn game in 2009. Of the 30+ seniors honored that day, how many of them made significant contributions to the program? How many overachieved? How many underachieved?
Don't forget, this was the 2006 class which was ranked #3 in the nation. That was Weis' best rated class of recruits. A lot of potential went wasted.

Since Weis left, several of the talents left early for the NFL; Clausen, Tate, Rudolph, Tuitt, Niklas. Would we have won more games had they stayed?

BTW, you still need 85 on the roster. I think we have more talent and depth now than when Kelly took over the team. I think there have been some recruiting misses but overall the development of talent post-Weis has been much better.
Let's hope the LSU win is the turning point.


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