Two-Faced Brandon
by ndingi (2015-01-15 13:28:12)
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  In reply to: Who did what to end the Michigan series? *  posted by IRISH 1978

Brandon cancelled the 2017 and 2018 games in the summer of 2012.

Brandon was also on record saying that the Notre Dame series as currently structured was not going to work for them once they went to the 9 game B1G schedule since they would lose a non-conference game in their schedule. He said the U-M "business model" requires them to have 7 home games a year. With the 9 game B1G schedule, some years they will have 5 home games but in others they will have only 4. This means they would only be able to schedule 1 home-and-home series and then fill the other two slots with guaranteed home games (i.e., mid-major schools like Eastern Michigan that do not require a home game to schedule them). Filling the only available home-and-home series with a constant opponent was not desired for "the brand".

When ND cancelled the series due to our scheduling issues created by aligning with the ACC, it was not unexpected by U-M. Brandon expected the series to be cancelled, but thought we would only cancel the 2016 game. When we cancelled the 2015 game it left him with a home game he needed to make-up which got him PO'd. Later in 2012 he scheduled BYU and had to move the other games around.

You might recall that in 2010 Brandon cited that neither school actually signed the 20-year contract and was clear to point out that his predessor made the deal.

I live in the Detroit area and have to remind people of the series of events quite often since all they remember is Hoke the Joke and his chicken remarks.


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