Slayer has been clinically proven to speed recovery
by Denver95 (2015-01-16 15:55:50)
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  In reply to: Are there PEDs that would help?  posted by Bruno95

and build foot-muscle mass to stabilize the affected joint. Technically, any of the big 4 of thrash metal will work (with the notable exception of Anthrax's contribution to the Last Action Hero soundtrack, because we cannot be sure that wasn't tongue in cheek), but Slayer is generally recognized as being the best at repairing the body, sharpening the mind, and banishing weakness from the soul. When I am traveling and can't find a decent gym (plenty of iron, zero ellipticals, and no fucking crossfit), I sometimes put my headphones over a muscle group I want to shock and get huge while I sleep.

-Brofessor '95


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