And I always believed the opposite
by Pat85 (2015-01-16 17:43:15)
Edited on 2015-01-16 17:43:29

In reply to: I never believed Joe Pa covered it up.  posted by NDGoldenDome

Whether the facts in Freeh Report would hold up in a court of law is perhaps open for debate, but I never bought the idea that JoePa was naive or that he lacked knowledge or control of anything that happened at Penn State, even towards his later years. He is one of the brightest men to ever grace a football field, and he was the single most powerful man at any major college program, and rightfully so since he literally built the place. When Sandusky mysteriously retired the year after being named assistant coach of the year and at the peak of his career in 1999 at age 54, and then years later we all learn about his evil acts, I was instantly convinced that JoePa knew exactly who his buddy was long before McQueary came to him. The Freeh Report did back this up with facts (again, you can debate how pure and unassailable those facts are). You can believe what you want to believe, I will do the same, but I was glad that at least one independent source had a shot at digging through evidence before the statues were put back in place and the horrors that JoePa allegedly/possibly knew about were buried 6-feet under (or a lot further down) with him.