The sanctions on the football program were mild
by 2ndstreeter (2015-01-16 20:50:36)
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compared to what they should have gotten.

As a PA resident(are you?) who has followed the cover ups by Paterno at Penn State for decades I can assure you that the sudden departure by Sandusky in 1999 that just "happened" to come after his being investigated in 1998 for child sex abuse is exactly what it looks like and not a coincidence.

Paterno covered up player arrests and malfeasance for years when he was able to stonewall and threaten the local press in the days before the information age made such actions obsolete. He didn't have a grand experiment in Sappy Valley, he presided over a closed kingdom where he ruled supreme.

He knew about Sandusky, at least in the time before he went completely senile,and he and that program should have gotten obliterated. If anyone ever deserved the NCAA death penalty it was PSU.

You are an enabler.


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