We need to get over the Pete Carroll thing.
by NDMike2001 (2015-01-19 09:27:33)
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  In reply to: Michigan sucks.  posted by FourLeafDomer

Did I hate him at USC? Absolutely. Do I like him now? Not really. But he's obviously a hell of a coach. USC was lucky to get him. When he was there he played fast and loose with the rules just like a heck of a lot other coaches and programs. That being said, I don't find him to be deplorable...like 'ol Jimbo. Plus, he did the smart thing and kicked USC to the curb.

On the other hand, Tom Brady is a "Michigan Man." He always will be. Even worse, he was a complete underachiever at Michigan, barely, if ever, showing himself to be more capable than Brian Griese or Drew Henson, and never winning anything of substance for his University. Despite his failings for his University, the UM faithful revere him for his accomplishments in the NFL. With another SB ring be prepared for arguments about him being better than Joe Montana, despite wearing "Citrus bowl ring" on his thumb to Montana's NCAA championship ring.

There's really only one thing to cheer for in this game...failure for Tom Brady.


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