Depends on what you mean by ridiculous
by Carroll02 (2015-01-19 11:31:30)
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  In reply to: I forgot about the Orange Bowl.  posted by NDMike2001

Do you mean Brady should be ridiculed for not beating him, or Carr should be ridiculed for rotating them?

Henson had an offer to quit football and join the Yankees. Carr thought Henson would be a Heisman/Championship level QB if he stuck with football. Carr gave him playing time in 1999 largely to fight off his baseball aspirations, hoping the playing time would pay off in 2000.

As it turned out, they went 9-3 in 2000 despite having a better offense and better defense than in 1999. Their three losses were by a combined 7 points.

I was friends with a number of Michigan fans at the time (no longer, thankfully). They were all insistent that Carr's dedication to Henson had cost them a chance at a championship in 1999.


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