Disagree on both Willingham and Weis
by Carroll02 (2015-01-19 16:16:32)
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  In reply to: I don't see much difference between him and Weis.  posted by tdiddy07

Weis had decently ranked classes and a high star average, but they were heavily skewed towards the offense. Kelly's classes have been far more balanced. An All-Star team based on recruiting rankings from 2005-2009 would pale in comparison to a similar team from 2010-2014, even though the class rankings wouldn't look much different.

Willingham's 2003 class was no doing of his own. Abiamiri, Zbikowski, and Quinn were pretty much gift wrapped for him despite his best efforts to f' it up. That class was only ranked 12th and had a 3.41 star average. That's the fifth-worst star average for ND in the Rivals database, behind only two transition years and Willingham's other two years.


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