Historical perspective on that
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In the last 112 seasons, only nine teams had offensive linemen that lined up next to each other both named consensus first team All-American. It happened almost every year before that, because at that time All-American basically meant All-Ivy League. Those teams are:

1909 Yale (Unanimous national champions)
LT Henry Hobbs
LG Hamlin Andrus
C Carroll Cooney

1927 Yale (National champions by 1 of 11 selectors)
LG Bill Webster
C John Charlesworth

1934 Pitt (National champions by 1 of 14 selectors)
C George Shotwell
RG Chuck Hartwig

1943 Notre Dame (Unanimous national champions)
LT Jim White
LG Pat Filley

1944 Navy (Lost to #1 Army by 16 in #1 vs. #2 matchup to end season)
LT Don Whitmire
LG Ben Chase

1947 Notre Dame (Consensus national champions)
LT George Connor
LG Bill Fischer

1994 Nebraska (Consensus national champions)
RG Brenden Stai
RT Zach Wiegert

2012 Alabama (Consensus national champions)
LG Chance Warmack
C Barrett Jones

2017 Notre Dame (Lost to #2 Georgia by 1, #13 Miami by 33, and #20 Stanford by 18, #11 final ranking)
LT Mike McGlinchey
LG Quenton Nelson

7 of the 9 teams garnered at least partial national championship mention, the 8th played in a defacto national championship game, the 9th lost three games, two to teams outside the top 10, both by more than 17.