To utterly screw Michigan over, that's why.
by domer4 (2019-01-11 19:45:53)
Edited on 2019-01-11 19:50:31

In reply to: why is the Michigan game in late October?  posted by discNDav

They have said repeatedly and ad nauseam that ND must play them in September, during their "non-conference" schedule, so as to not distract from their real task of winning the Big Ten.

So, when they wanted back on the schedule, Jack first required them to go back to back home games at ND, they play us outside their usual September time frame.

This is the latest they will have played a non-conference game since at least 1950 - except for Ball State (11/4/06). Up until the early 1980s, they played one in early October only because the schedule started later in September.

This is also the earliest we have played USC since 1963.

The game against USC probably should have been played October 19 - but somehow we managed to move that bye week to before Michigan and not USC.

Say what you want about Jack...

But making them play in late October, creating a bye week after USC, plus cancelling the contract on the field before the 2012 game giving us an extra home game, announcing two future Ohio State games in early September 2014 - a few days before the scheduled last ND/Michigan game then....

This guy does know how to screw those b**tards from A2 repeatedly - which is exactly what they deserve always.