Exactly. Cam Newton.
by KeoughCharles05 (2019-02-05 14:37:08)

In reply to: Somebody was willing to pay Cam Newton's dad  posted by TWO

Cam Newton, future NFL rookie of the year, NFL MVP, three time pro-bowler, and QB who elevated Auburn to a national title, was thought by his own father to be worth between $100K-$180K after already having played some D1 football. No evidence was ever found that any school or booster agreed to that sum.

The idea that there's millions of dollars out there for your random players is silly. Your local car dealer boosters aren't going to have the kind of cash necessary to have the kind of corruption people are afraid of, and the big companies like Nike aren't emotionally invested enough/financially stupid enough to shower game-changing amounts of money on unproven players.