I realize that football is a different animal in many ways
by FL_Irish (2019-02-06 13:57:48)

In reply to: How could all offers be binding?  posted by TWO

...but somehow the whole "all offers are binding" thing seems to work out in a bunch of other college athletics situations with which I am familiar.

"I have three spots. Recruits A, B and C - you are my top choice and I am making you an offer. If you can't give me a commitment by X date, I will need to rescind the offer and proceed with other recruits. Recruits D, E, and F - I am very interested in you but am not sure whether I will have space. I will know by X date at the latest and will update you as soon as I know." That's basically how a whole bunch of recruiting gets done. Not sure why some version of it couldn't work in the football context.