by HTownND (2019-02-06 14:51:04)
Edited on 2019-02-06 14:51:55

In reply to: Conditional vs non-commitable offers  posted by ThreeD

ND offers a scholarship.

However, if the kid wants to accept the offer and commit on the spot, for some kids (higher up on the list) this is fine.

For others, they have an offer, but they cannot commit to ND because depending on how things shake out, they may not have room down the line.

Basically, we offer kids scholarships as backup plans, and they cannot commit to ND until we tell them they can.

It's playing the game. At least, for the most part, we are honest with the kids when that is the case (they are a backup plan), but I'm with jt on this, it's an unsavory practice.

As a contrast, Northwestern and Stanford absolutely do not do this.