My point is that the head coach matters
by jbrown_9999 (2019-02-07 14:15:47)
Edited on 2019-02-07 14:18:59

In reply to: Are you seriously comparing pre-Saban Alabama...  posted by ndroman21

There are a fair number of people who are happy with a 10-15 recruiting class because they believe that Notre Dame can never recruit like an Alabama because the Irish play in South Bend and make their students go to class, etc.

My point is that Alabama is currently dominating recruiting not because they are Alabama but because Saban is their coach. Just 13-15 years ago, Notre Dame out recruited Alabama three years in a row. Has the college landscape really changed that much since then?

People used to say that no one could out recruit Southern Cal when Pete Carroll was there. This year, they finished behind Notre Dame.

Kelly has averaged a 11.7 recruiting ranking in his non-transition years. I firmly believe that Notre Dame could consistently have recruiting classes in the 5th to 10th range with a coach who worked harder at recruiting. Note: Weis averaged a 7th ranked class.