They overtly said they weren't going for 5 stars. Only 4
by btd (2019-02-07 20:45:01)

In reply to: Kelly et al didn't exactly swing for the fences *  posted by ACross

stars with 3 stars as backups. I don't agree with them, but it is indeed their strategy the past 3 or so years:

1) Overtly avoid Florida - Georgia instead
2) Get 2 deep across the board with 4 star players
3) Fill gaps with 3 stars
4) Go after few long hanging fruit 5 stars: OL primarily and then Hayes type guys that were injured and considered damaged goods by many even though rated as a 5 star

Per Polian, they will attempt to go after higher ranked players in the 2020 class because they believe they have enough 4 star depth now that they can afford to swing and miss.