I would love to know this stat
by eddysorin (2019-02-12 09:20:01)

In reply to: Yep, they “nail it” if one is obsessed with knowing....  posted by Marine Domer

# of formal retractions published in the last 10 years by:

1. The New York Times
2. The Washington Post
3. TMZ

People may think Harvey Levin is a slimeball. Perhaps that's so. He's unwatchable on TV.

But I know one thing the man is not, and that is "stupid".

He's a University of Chicago trained lawyer who isn't about to see his valuable media franchise go under because of libel suits.

He goes after some of the richest, most powerful, most lawyered up people in sports and entertainment, succeeds in getting stories where all others fail, and consistently gets it right.

Appreciate him for what he is.