Generally agree with your comments but ...
by Erasmus (2022-11-28 15:55:08)

In reply to: "The Trojans outrushed Notre Dame by 204-90"...  posted by Scoop80

I think with better play calling ND running game would have been fine. Heistand can only do so much. Rees needed to run counters and check downs to Tyree coming out of the backfield.

As for Riley, his 100 million $$ contract means he will leave SC soon for pros. Plus it's not hard to improve dramatically after bringing in 22 from the portal. Parseghian went 9-1 (should of been 10-0) with a team that scored 105 points in '63 and was 2-7. And there was no freshman eligibility rule in '63.

Riley will do fine going forward but he will never again have a game changing recruiting class like he had this year: I'd rather have my pick of 22 prospects with college experience than 25 or 26 high school prospects, many of which are 5 star athletes.

And with current rules for players making money after SCOTUS antitrust decision, I like ND's chances going forward with Freeman. There is no other school with the name recognition of ND or marketing stature. Alabama's freshman QB last year made millions of dollars. Put the same guy at ND and I would bet he would double his take.