I agree that ND got more than I expected this year
by TONYHAGAN (2022-11-28 16:58:14)

In reply to: ND got more than it deserved this year.  posted by Bruno95

We had a new head coach, who had never been a head coach anywhere else. We had a new starting QB that went down in the second game. We had a new starting running back.

This is a lot to overcome. My hat is off to MF, well done.

Further this is a supposition, but I feel when coaches leave winning programs for other college or NFL jobs it is because that they have had a few bad years of recruiting and they know it. A good example of this is Urban Meyer at the University of Florida. I feel that BK new that this was not going to be the stellar years he had before because of poor recruiting mainly at QB.

However, I say thanks to BK for all of the wins and playing for the national championship.

And thanks to MF for an 8-4 season in his first year. It was about what I expected. I look forward to next year.

And as always, Go Irish