Yep, it ranks all classes equally, which is a major flaw.
by revressbo (2022-11-28 18:08:05)
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Jaylen Sneed was a 5* but wasn’t ready to see the field this year as a true freshman. Still think he’ll end up being a very good/great player. But he counts the same as a 5* junior/senior.

Class rankings, per 247 composite:

2019 (seniors): 15 (also includes Kyle Hamilton and Kyren Williams)
2020 (juniors): 18
2021 (sophomores): 9
2022 (freshmen): 7

It should also be noted
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that a large part of the reason that Sneed is here was the recruiting prowess of Freeman. It's not a coincidence that the highest rated of those years was the year with Freeman.