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In the fall of 1968, I was living in the now demolished Holy Cross Hall with my roommate.

I was staying awake because I had been asked by a St. Mary's student to pick up her female friend at the entrance to LeMans Hall at midnight and to take her to another friend's house in South Bend.

I had brought an "illegal" car home from California after Christmas vacation because we were going to be moving off campus at the end of the first semester in January of 1969.

I had no trouble staying awake. The guys in the room below us, on the first floor, had the long version of "Ina Gadda Da Vida" (which is actually pretty damn good) playing over and over. I mean like for 3 hours. I finally went down to their room, knocked quietly - no answer - and opened it. About 5 guys were on the beds and on the floor, stoned out of their ass and all asleep. I put the needle arm off the record and turned it off.

I picked up my 67 Ford Fairlane - not a real looker but the quietest car I've ever driven - over to Saint Mary's. No girl friend. I waited an hour at the front of LeMans Hall, then abandoned the effort, took my car back to the married student housing section where I was stashing it until I got in trouble over it with Riehle and had to pay a fine. He could be a real dick.