Believe me...
by Wass (2023-01-28 15:42:33)

In reply to: Too much money involved to drop down  posted by jt

...I am well aware of that. My dad played at a MAC and was part of a "small college NC" team. He has long said they should drop down a level, but they stay where they are at because of the money. Back in the 80s, I thought they should stay where they were at mainly because things were different back then. They weren't playing Power 5 conference (though that ESPN speak term wasn't around back then) teams as much (once a year, sometimes not at all) and they weren't playing weekday games constantly. Now they play Power 5 teams regularly, clearly for the money, and play on weekdays regularly, clearly for the ESPN TV money. If the administration cared, they would drop down. Getting beat up by teams thar have far better talent is no fun and being forced to play on weekdays simply to fill time on ESPN is an insult. But mo ey talks. Personally, I think Power 5 teams playing Group of 5 teams should be penalized in the rankings. Instead, ESPN and those who have a say in the ranking love it when the Power 5 school runs up the score on the nearly hapless Group of 5 school. They are rewarded for their "efforts". As I said elsewhere, I hate the direction college sports are headed. I would hope some sanity will prevail down the road, but I expect it to get worse, not better. Greed is more important than anything now.