This line is, um, interesting ...
by BIGSKYND (2019-01-02 12:34:44)

In reply to: Concessions ran way low halfway  posted by JSDomer

"Food and booze definitely helps when it comes to battling the temperatures at these types of outdoor events". Having been to a number of these, including some where the air temp was in the mid-20's and even lower, you have to be suffering from a problem to think that "booze", at least in the form of beer, "definitely helps". "Food", yeah. Of course, I'm a season-ticket holder who doesn't understand why somebody comes to TD Garden and pays for parking, seats, and over-priced beer to get shit-faced midway in the 2d period when they could do the same thing at a bar with a big-screen. And no, I'm not excusing the apparent lack of planning.