As much as I complain about people who don't appreciate
by wearendhockey (2019-01-06 23:49:08)

In reply to: I don’t know. I stopped counting how many times  posted by graNDfan

the regular season, I have to admit that right now I don't know that I care too much about it. Sure, I want the Irish to finish well enough, but unless this team really goes into the crapper (which I do not expect), my guess is once the NCAAs roll around, we will be in good enough shape. I want this team to win a national title. Finally. We've knocked on the door with 4 FFs in the last few years and it's time to win 4 games over the last weekend of March and the second weekend of April. Whether or not we finish 1st in the conference or win the conference title is irrelevant to me in 2019. We've won 7 conference playoff or regular season titles. This time around, we need to win the one thing we've yet to win.