No question, but "inconsistent" was his career....
by BIGSKYND (2019-04-03 16:38:51)

In reply to: As a Pens fan, his career is an enigma  posted by TCIrish03

he was one of the guys who made some people develop reservations about the attitude/dressing room effect of "Russians". For part of the Great 8's career I heard him referred to as "Kovalev with a Better Shot". (To give Ovie his due he worked and became a solid two-way player after Boudreau got fired.) IMHO Federeov was a better player (on and off the ice) and IIRC had more big years for G and P. As you suggest, the indelible impression Kovie left was "this guy should be better". I have trouble seeing Kovalev lasting with Scotty Bowman the way Federov did and he seemed to always have "issues" in NY, Mtl, Pittsburgh, and Ottawa.

(Oh, and of course, Michigan sucks)