I have no idea about how to work with goalies the best
by wearendhockey (2019-04-15 13:15:48)

In reply to: That's the mentality needed in that position anyway ...  posted by BIGSKYND

way when it comes to mental preparation, so this is just my off the cuff viewpoint about next year, but I'd like to see the goalies rotate time in net fairly equally.

We know what Morris brings. We suspect St. Cyr is also a high quality goalie, and I'd like to know that for sure because he is expected to shoulder the entire load -- or 90% o f it -- as a senior in 2020/21. I think by giving Morris 50-60% of the starts, he will certainly stay sharp, and I've noticed a handful of teams going the two goaltender route. And by giving St. Cyr a real workload, he will use that to his advantage the following season.

The expectation of course would be that once the post season rolls around, Morris is the man. And if for some reason one or the other just totally outshines his teammate, this can be re-imagined of course. But this way, we end up potentially with a true battle-tested goalie in St. Cyr for 2020-21.