The playoffs in the NHL are the only NHL hockey I watch
by wearendhockey (2019-04-21 09:41:57)

In reply to: I think that's hockey now  posted by Hunt

anymore. With more than half your teams in the postseason, the regular season becomes a 6 month long seeding process, at best. When NHL teams are playing the third road game of a 3 game trip, the level of compete is intentionally toned down. The last time I went to an NHL game I watched the Islanders play the Bluejackets on such an occasion. They got beat 7-0 and did not skate a single shift at better than 75% effort.

At least NCAA hockey invites a reasonable number of teams to the postseason party. Additionally, the loser point has not crept into the game, although I see that at some time in the future in the college game too.