When his goal was announced I have never heard
by ugoirish (2019-04-25 15:38:49)
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the Pepsi Center sound louder and I've been there for some big occasions. One writer said only when Joe handed Bourque the Cup had he heard it any louder. The place was crazier than it's been for years even before that point in the game but 18,000+ people who had waited two years to see Makar put his foot on the ice just about blew the lid off the building.

He scored on his first SOG in his first game, an SC playoff game. It was the game winning goal to take a 2-1 series lead. It was pretty demned cool. He moves like liquid silk and skates like he was shot out of a cannon. Plus he's been very responsible on defense - he had more takeaways than anyone else on the ice in the last game of the series. In game 4, his second NHL game, he was on the ice for 20 minutes and 29 Corsi events for, 12 against. It is no exaggeration to say he was plug and play when dropped in against the team with the second best record in the league in the middle of a playoff series.

The video below is not the best one you'll find but it's useful because it shows how fast he got into the play from a dead standstill. He's skating almost stride for stride with Nathan MacKinnon. MacK said he was very impressed that he called for the puck ("3, 3, 3") in one of his first NHL shifts.

(sorry your brief comment elicited this near diatribe from me but as a die-hard Avs fan I've been watching bad video clips video for 2+ years not even daring to dream that he would play as well as he has on such a stage)