My son played for Loyola - Baltimore (‘12)
by NDFlyer (2019-09-12 17:12:26)

In reply to: Who here knows how college club hockey works?  posted by DakotaDomer

GVSU sounds more organized than his club team. Loyola had one team snd Freshman rotated dressing to fill the game roster. The hockey level was great

If I remember, we paid ice time and refs ( the amount was similar to what we paid for annual high school fees). The school paid for vans to transport to close games an they paid for motor coaches and hotel rooms for road trips. Loyola made nationals twice in my son’s four years. They had a reputation as being the smart kids because they were all 19 to 22. Most teams were comprised of older kids who tried American Juniors for a few years. The Loyola team was more like the Johnstown Chiefs than the smart kids.