This game was a little bit of everything we saw all season
by wearendhockey (2020-03-08 21:28:08)

Gave up power play goals. Morris scored on high over the shoulder. Too much dicking around with the puck. Can't score 3 goals to save our lives.

Worst NCAA season in Jackson's career and it isn't really close. Really frustrating to think this is how the 2020 season ends compared to where they were two years ago.

I don't follow recruiting at all so I have no clue if next year will bring any dynamic offense Notre Dame's way, but since it would be in the form of inexperienced freshmen we know that won't be of much help.

Since Jackson arrived I have only been this pessimistic at the end of one other season, 2015, but they followed that up with a decent year, a very good year, a great year, and then another very good one. But if we see the same approach and system next season to the offensive system, without a Hobey Baker caliber performance from inexperienced and unproven netminders (whoever it ends up being), it will be a long season, and likely another finish near the bottom.