He's earned the right and I don't view this as equal to MBB
by garbageplate (2023-03-05 20:57:44)

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But the program has declined over the past 3 years and he's got to find a way to coax more offense out of the group. I agree with your point below about needing to find another gear to win a championship (and even just to get out of this malaise).

This was an appropriate ending to a disappointing season.

I would agree that Jackson has earned the right to fix this
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but that means he needs to fix this. After 18 years and a whole lot nearer to the end of a career than the beginning, I'm not so sure he will.

I don't want to see another crop of 24 year old grad students being the only significant addition. I don't want to see someone like Logan Cooley commit and then bolt. I don't want the coaching staff to simply just try to roll out people they think will fit in Jackson's system. This game is changing and if Notre Dame is going to succeed at the level he built in his first half dozen years, major change is needed.

If next year we see the same staff, the same garbage special teams, the same vanilla offense, and the same mediocrity that we've seen for years now, it's time to try someone new.

If Jackson was going to fix this he would have by now...... *
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I tend to agree with this, even though Jackson is clearly a
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coach who would deserve the benefit of doubt. But for those who think he deserves a whole lot more benefit of a doubt, I would remind them this mediocrity has been going on a long time.

After starting our Big Ten life with a huge splash, going 13-0 in our first 13 Big Ten starts and cruising to an easy title, we've basically been .500 since in 5 1/2 seasons (55-50-26). We won those first two Big Ten playoff titles, going 6-0 in the process, but since then, we've stumbled along to just a 4-7 record in Big Ten playoff games, losing in the first round 3 times. 2 of those three first round losses and 7 of those 11 games have been at home in the CFIA.

This is also coming off 4 rather mediocre regular seasons in Hockey East, with finishes of 8th, 5th, 3rd and 4th, an 8-8 record in Hockey East playoff games including two blowout losses in the Hockey East Semi finals.

I think those who note that for 40 years this program was basically nowhere before the arrival of Jackson and that somehow means Jackson deserves way more of a benefit of the doubt than others are willing to give are mistaken in that sentiment too. Those 40 years sure didn't seem to prevent him from doing great things, basically right away. Then the CFIA was supposed to be the final piece of the puzzle. 6 seasons in the JACC had 4 combined regular season and playoff titles, 2 FFs and a 6-4 NCAA record. But 12 years in the CFIA has brought the same 4 combined regular season and playoff titles title, a .500 NCAA record (7-7) and just 2 more FFs. And we are in a 5 year downward trend with less and less success. All of that means a whole lot more than for 40 years the program was an afterthought. It isn't, or at least shouldn't be, an afterthought anymore.

This is where I’m at
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I think it’s time for JJ to retire from the college hockey shit-show with his held high enough for legacy.

Will the next guy we get be better? Probably not but maybe