Calling out El Kabong
by Dillon09 (2008-09-22 13:12:14)

First of all this post is not a joke. I am one hundred percent serious.

I would like to arrange a boxing match against you. I have seen from your profile that you are 230 pounds. I am only about 170 pounds, so I believe that the odds will initially be in your favor.

I hope to win this boxing match and kick your ass pirate, Zorro wannabe, HoHo eating, head in, finishing you off with an acoustic guitar.

You're an annoying prick, and thinking that some laptop is more important than a very poor running game is ludicrous.

Don't not be ignorant enough to assume that your last moronic utterance is the reason behind my requesting this boxing match. Your band geek, loser ass consistently irks me.

For the record, no one gives a flying Hillary Clinton dingle about your political compass score.

It is my hope to drive my 90 mph fists into your 70 mph man tits.


It is my sincere hope that you're Star Trek sensibilities do not lead you to reject my request for a fair, officiated boxing match.

I'm willing to work with your schedule to schedule this match to plow your middle aged FUPA all the way back to the basement study room of Cavanaugh.