The offense, at least in theory, can work
by Jvan (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

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Right now, however, the players are unable to execute it with a reasonable degree of consistency. This is particularly true of the quarterbacks but I've also seen it in the wide receivers.

Consequently, some of Kelly's play calls look foolish. The red zone reads are particularly complex and that compounds the problem. He's obviously not used to failure, which leads to this:

Since his starting quarterbacks are not yet at the level required to produce the desired results, Kelly must adjust to diminish the chances of failure (turnovers) at critical moments. Either the play calls or the plays themselves must be tweaked in order to put this particular group of players in a better position to succeed. Kelly can still develop his offense as the season progresses, but I can't believe that the team is currently executing his plays perfectly in practice only to fail on Saturdays. He must see and know what is not working. Hope is not a strategy on game day.