It works in theory, against mediocre competition.
by Jurassic (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

In reply to: The offense, at least in theory, can work  posted by Jvan

More elite players may lessen the impact of bad outcomes, but one constant will still be there, it's still high risk. My position stays the same even with elite talent, against elite competition. His offense will continue to bite him in the ass.

I'm old school, old fashioned, whatever. I believe in running first. Many didn't like Holtz's offense, but at least his special teams were special, his defenses usually played really disciplined, and just when his offense got boring or what opposing coaches thought predictable, he'd throw in a wrinkle keeping the defense accountable. Kelly, Weis, Willingham, and Davie have not done, nor were/are they capable of doing it.

Kelly's offense lacks accountability in all phases of it.