"Who is Tony Rice?"
by NDMike2001 (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

In reply to: This is really a terrible shame  posted by ACross

Uttered by a current student at a tailgate before USF.

BTW, I actually thought about posting regarding your misanthropy after UM. There are some really simple and indisputable points that you've made for quite some time that get lost - either by your tone or simply your reputation which elicits straw men. I'll limit them right now to Kelly (and paraphrase as I remember).

Kelly's offense sucks and will continue to suck until he can run the ball when he wants to.

He is pass happy.

He should deal with his yelling.

He hired assistants that either are not prepared to coach at ND and/or do not challenge his way of thinking.

I really wish the board would focus on insisting that these issues be remedied, instead of DCEing, armchair quarterbacking, bashing players and ourselves.

P.S. You've been plenty wrong on other things. But as I mentioned above, I can't imagine that anyone could possibly dispute them.