This is really a terrible shame
by ACross (2011-09-14 10:37:10)

I really do hope Kelly can turn it around and succeed. I think he can; the turnaround after Tulsa provides a basis for some hope.

But, as Jvan said, we've been here before. Or at least, this seems rather familiar.

It's just a terrible shame that the University keeps doing things the way they do them. It's no accident that ND hired Kelly and Weis and Willingham and O'Leary and Davie. It's no accident that Kelly hired Diaco and Molnar and his other cronies. It's no accident that when Fr. Jenkins was presented with two resumes, one from Orsini, and one from Swarbrick, he picked Swarbrick.

After 15 years of this shit, it takes a toll. Listen, Chuck84 and Beijing and Jvan and Cash and ndoldtown and not negative sourpusses. They are actually all pretty fun, lighthearted people. They love ND - at least the relic of ND - as much as any other alumnus.

This constant and unrelenting death march has terrible and schismatic consequences. Whole swaths of good people on this board who grew tired of "negativity" and and "groupthink" longed for a place called hope started their own board. I also think that what Notre Dame has become is something altogether different than what it was (note to balloo - I didn't make a value judgment there). There are all sorts of schisms and factions that inhere at ND now: the administration loathes and is ashamed by a sizable chunk of alumni, who reciprocate that contempt. The administration bristles at the notion of transparency and is offended by any criticism or second-guessing from alumni. And don't try to earmark your donation either.

It's a shame that FOFM and others don't post here anymore. I have to take a lot of the blame. I can run a little hot, and that can turn people off.

I really did - and still do - wish that Kelly (or the next coach) could start winning. Nobody likes this shit. At least I can recall fondly rooting for Ara's and Devine's teams as a boy, and Lou's teams as a student and young alumnus. Where does my 10 year old nephew go to get his fond memories of ND? Where do the young alumni and current students go?

If there is an enemy, it is the culture of the leadership structure at ND. Not some pollyanna like FLD or misanthrope like yours truly.