This reminds me of BI's post
by SEE (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

In reply to: This is really a terrible shame  posted by ACross

which (minus the lack of hope) was excellent. Personal issues aside, it's tough to read your post without feeling the pain behind the keyboard.

What was happening under Monk, Beauchamp(sp?) and White was grotesque; they were simply milking the goose to the point of induced coma. Since then, I've seen the forest reforesting, albeit slowly.

The C4C wasn't perfect, but it did set in motion a set of positives that are still happening. The coup that led to Jenkins led to Weis, but it was more important for Monk to go. Jenkins may not be Hesburgh, but he's an ocean away from Monk.

Some of the changes since then, like the gutting of res life, have been sweeping and almost head scratching in scope. Cappy, Kirk, Poorman, etc. have fallen as if they were on a hit list.

Other changes that point to a commitment to winning:

> Training table
> The Gug
> Gutting Res Life (and dealing fairly with Michael Floyd)
> Ditching 7-4-1
> Early entries
> Seemingly making more allowances in admissions
> Staying independent (this could go soon)
> New team trainer
> New nutritionist

Of course, none of this matters without a good coach. We can disagree on that. You can hope, I can do my probability calculations, either way we're all better off if Kelly is the guy. I think you may yet be surprised.