Take this opportunity to learn a skill that will help you
by HowardRoark (2011-09-14 10:37:10)

In reply to: I've always disliked your style...  posted by baloo88

for the rest of your life.

Go back and reread ndoldtown's post, but with much greater discernment than you have to date. He said none of the things you have attributed to him. He did not imply any of the things you have attributed to him. While I can see how you could read those things into what he said, the fact remains you read them into what he said, rather than reading what he said.

What he said wasn't really about you (neither the specific baloo88 "you" or the generic "alumni your age" you); it was about Notre Dame. I encourage you to take another look at it and to expand your view of what he wrote from your current narrow focus on you and toward a view toward the changes that have happened at Notre Dame.