I've always disliked your style...
by baloo88 (2011-09-14 10:37:10)

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And how you deal with those who disagree with you on this board. But I've never doubted that we're on the same side of the most important issue we deal with here on Rock's House. We all want Notre Dame to win. When we disagree, it's because we have different notions of what the problem is, how to fix it, or what makes it better or worse. As a short aside - this isn't the main point I want to make - this is why I was so offended by ndoldtown's statement. He basically said, we're different than you in ways that make us better (more hardworking, more ambitious, not entitled, worked for everything we got). We don't need to create more schisms on this board. I think the goals of older alumni and younger alumni and fans, especially those relating to football, are very closely aligned. Every friend from Notre Dame I've spoken to is angry about losing our first two games to inferior competition. Like you, we want and are hopeful to see drastic improvement.

As for Jenkins and Swarbrick, I still believe that they are trying to improve Notre Dame football. My first full day at Notre Dame (August 20, 2009), during a break in transfer orientation, I was self-guiding my own tour of campus using my trusty campus map. I saw Father Jenkins sitting on a bench on God Quad, and I took the opportunity to introduce myself. We ended up speaking for about fifteen minutes, covering football, Barack Obama, and my reasons for transferring from UF to ND. I was honest and told him that my love for Notre Dame began with the football team. I don't remember his exact words, but he told me he gets that answer all the time. I think he recognizes the benefits that a strong football team provides.

As for your last point, I didn't become a Notre Dame fan until 2000. I never saw Notre Dame as a dominant program. But I do have a ton of fond memories of Notre Dame football. I have stuck around in the (perhaps vain) that I might get to experience what you all did in decades past. I wouldn't still watch - and I certainly wouldn't have gone to Notre Dame - if I thought our leaders wanted ND to be just like everyone else.