Apathy is a terrible thing,but we are staring it in the face
by knutesteen (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

In reply to: This is really a terrible shame  posted by ACross

Whether by design or sheer incompetence, the last 15 years are conditioning us closer and closer to accepting mediocrity on the field. It has become increasingly difficult to respond to those who say we will never return to football prominence. I find myself dispirited on the eve of what may soon no longer be an annual trip to ND for a game. When you have memories of ND football greatness from the early '70s through the early '90s, what we are being fed is distasteful and makes one less likely to come back for more.

I came into this season with a "show me" but positive attitude about our chances for success. I made this weekend's plans early this summer. After seeing simply "more of the same" in weeks 1 & 2, I'm not giving up, but I may soon need to be revived if week 3 is in fact "more of the same." Fool me once, shame on you...