Stage six alert
by Jvan (2011-09-14 10:37:25)

The twelve stages of the ND Football cycle, as patented by NDNation.

1. We have a new coach. He's not whom we wanted but let's rally behind him because we cannot afford for him to fail.
Response: He'll be here for five years, so get on board.

2. I'm concerned about the Coordinators and some of the assistants on this staff. Why didn't Coach X pursue the best and brightest over cronyism?
Response: It's more important that a staff be able to work together than be a collection of superstars.

3. Geez, I really don't think too much of this offense. I suppose it's OK if it works, but it's too cute by half.
Response: Get with the 21st century. The metrics on this offense are really great.

4. How could we lose to such a low rent program? This is not a good sign.
Response: Ara, Holtz and Saban all had games like this. We can still qualify for the Horsebleep Bowl in Altoona if we win out.

5. How are we still losing games when we are obviously the more talented team? These guys were four star recruits!
Response: The coaches can't block and tackle for them, and the staff did not fumble the ball. Quit being so negative.

6. I think we have to consider the possibility that Coach X is not going to make it. He could turn things around but that needs to happen pretty soon.
Response: We must be snakebit, but have patience. Coach X is going to be here for three more years, so get over it. When it turns around, it will do so with a vengeance.

7. Damn, I really was hoping that Coach X would turn things around in his third season, especially with the brilliant changes he made in his staff and in his overall management approach.
Response: Those #*&%*^$&% referees ^%$*^&ed us again. Besides, recruiting is going well and we should be in position to compete for the national championship in a couple of years.

8. Uh-oh. We'd better get out the short list of candidates and start talking to them on the sly.
Response: We'll never get Coach Z to come here. Besides, we have to maintain continuity and Coach X has actually shown some improvement over the last few games if you look at the stats. I'm sticking with the lads on this one, you bandwagon bitches!

9. That's got to be the last straw. Even the ND Administration must see the writing on the wall now.
Response: A coaching change will hurt recruiting. All the current players were brought in for Coach X's system. We can't afford to start over.

10. New recruits are de-committing and we're getting ripped in the media. The AD had better be working on a solution.
Response: This is somewhat disturbing. Maybe Coach X won't make it. I don't understand it because he said all the right things when we hired him.

11. The AD just said he would evaluate Coach X at the end of the season. I sure hope he is interviewing top shelf coaches right now because we know where this is headed.
Response: I knew all along that Coach X was flawed. I posted about it four years ago but no one picked up on it.

12. Geez, we had better not hire that flash in the pan from Podunk U. Who the hell is accountable for the hiring process?
Response: Coach Q is really a good candidate, and he's the best we're going to get at this point. He's an innovator and a management guru with tremendous upside.