Saving Brian Kelly, the two legged football coach
by Elvis McCoy (2013-01-11 16:41:58)

I knew there are at least a couple other ND Football lovers here in the BR so I figured I would share the story here once as well:


In December of 2009, I was at one of the emotional low points many of us have in life. Coming out of a relationship with Charlie Weis and a 6 – 6 season, I was eyeing 40 while alone I flirted with the idea of adopting a new coach. I grew up with ND coaches, but hadn't had one win a national Championship since my senior year in 1988. But I knew about the responsibility and logistics involved, so I was hesitant. So was Swarbrick. But my oldest daughter colluded with a close female friend of mine and together they convinced me to at least look at this 2-legged coach my daughter had found while searching for football coaches in Cincinatti. He was with a group called the Bearcats. We'd been looking both there and in a Gainsville Florida Hospital/Cardiac Clinic at Urban Meyer (another great group that I personally donate to).

Still a bit hesitant (because I was unsure of how much extra work a little Leprechaun sized coach can be – remember George O’Leary?) I met him on a muggy Cincinatti afternoon in December 2009... and immediately I knew that he was my coach. It's hard to say exactly how/why. Inner voice? Gut feeling? Something spiritual? Maybe all of the above. But whatever the case, he immediately took to me, and me to him. At that moment the only question I had was what I would name my new friend. They were calling him Brian, But that just didn't work for me. Besides, he just doesn't look like a Brian. Even though I know good coaches are a dying breed, I wanted to keep my personal tradition of Irish-themed names for my coaches(my previous ones, for example, have been named "Lou" and "Ara"... to give you an idea). Then it hit me: I'll name him Coach Brian Kelly after the famous Irish symbol that turns purple when it yells. But it struck me that he's also the kind of coach that just begs for a nickname... something other than his proper name to call him by... so "Coach Kelly” is was/is. Plus, it fit as well. Like the titular movie coach played by Burgess Meredith in Rocky, this Kelly is an underdog with the heart of a champion. So, his proper name is Brian Kelly... but he goes by "Coach Kelly".

From the very beginning, Coach Kelly has had a loving and friendly personality that betrays his ordeals and experiences. In fact, in his 3rd year at Notre Dame, Coach Kelly took us all the way to the National Championship game.

Kelly is a coach with immense heart. He loves his players unconditionally. And he just wants to be around them all the time. That's the only thing he wants. He also gets along great with all other coaches. Hardly a day goes by where he doesn't do something to make me laugh.

Make no mistake, I may have saved Coach Kelly by adopting him from the Bearcats... But the truth is, he saved me, too. He is my best friend and buddy.

Now on to why this page exists... Unfortunately, the constant stress of having to make lots of money has caused him to go interview for the Eagles head coaching position. I think if we can pull some money together, we can save my little Coach and keep him here at ND.

If you can help Coach Kelly, please do:

In any case, we sincerely thank you for your time in reading Coach Kelly's story.