She came from love. She goes to Love.
by mkovac (2019-01-07 12:25:07)

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Thank you, Chris, for letting us know.

Our hearts break with yours today.

For so long, she fought so very bravely.

You were put here to be her strength, to guide her along this earthly path that was strewn with broken glass, barbed wire, and poisonous dragons. Together, you and Kimi set your claymores, clapped their clickers and moved forward.

Sometimes, there were open fields of soft grass and sunshine and she danced like an angel in joy. She did this because she was an angel. Now, she is an angel. She is your angel. She is our angel.

She will always be our Warrior Princess.

Our Warrior Princess is home.

She is home.

She dances on soft grass in sunshine.

She says, “Don’t cry, Uncle Chris. I will always love you.”