I had written the post below in the hopes of providing an
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update to all of you. It’s with great sadness that I write, Kimi passed away in the hospital in her sleep at 9:15 AM today with her Dad by her side. Her passing was merciful. Kimi’s mom, my wife and I then spent time with her… I am so sorry….

This is what I had written and was meaning to post yesterday/today...

There’s only so many times one’s body can endure what Boo has gone through. Poisons that can kill quickly and drop the strongest to their knees often times brought her to dance, to play, to laugh, to spread her love, her brilliance and kindness. Along with the poisons were radiation, experimental treatments, transplants, antibody therapy, acids and other things you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. She threw up, she groaned, her mind was often clouded or dulled in a drug induced fog, she burned from the inside out... She always hid her pain as best she could. She never wanted people to worry. She knew by excruciating experience that it was always a matter of days before the treatment cycle would end and she would break through again. Ignoring agonizing pain was part of her life.

She beat this witch a handful of times over 9 years achieving “No Evidence Disease” NED which is a testament to her indomitable strength, will and love…

This past summer the Munchkin shared with her mom that a young boy that she likes had kissed her on the cheek at summer camp. I’ll be forever grateful that she experienced that pure gesture of love and affection. They’ve remained in contact and he has visited her. She was all smiles as she and her mom wrapped 2 pairs of sunglasses as Christmas presents for him.

On Christmas Day were able to take Kimi to one of her favorite restaurants. She has been wheelchair and hospital bound for the better part of 2-3 months now. She has been receiving heavy methadone and morphine daily. Steroids also help to calm the inflammation caused by tumor and treatment. She had been told on multiple occasions by hospital staff that she may never walk again. In spite of that dire prediction, Boo managed to take a couple of steps during a physical therapy session in the last month. The impossible is always possible with her. We were grateful that she could spend Christmas outside of the hospital walls. Over lunch after opening presents I asked, “Boo, what are you going to be when you grow up?” Without hesitation, “I’m going to be a singer, dancer and an actress.” “You sure are sweetie. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.” She does not budge and remains laser focused on her dreams. Everything about her is pure love.

The day after Christmas Boo was feeling very lethargic and hospitalized. The energy she exhausted to spend the day with family had taken its’ toll. She has gone months waiting for a rebound in her platelets so she could receive treatment. It’s with the heaviest and broken heart that I write; her body has not been able to recover and generate the platelet counts necessary for further treatment. She received platelet transfusion after transfusion to no avail. She’d initially gain and then the platelet count would deplete again. Without an appropriate platelet count she cannot receive chemotherapy and her cancer advances. Right now Kimi is resting comfortably and under heavy sedation. It’s just time now. It’s estimated that she has less than a month to live.

There’s no darkness.

There is light and that Light comes from the Heavens, a Merciful God, Jesus, Our blessed Mother, Angels, Saints… and soon to be a child who is the single best person I have ever known and so much more. Words will never do justice to this loving hero, flawless person…

Two months before she turned six she wrote:

I Love God (Kimi 5-22-2012)

The sky is blue
Clouds are White
God is here with you and
I love God
There is Love with God
You will love Him
God helped me fight cancer and
You helped me too.

As I see the Sun Rising (Kimi 5-22-2012)

As I see the sun rising
I feel the power of God
It takes me to a wonderland
And the sun is always up!

Kimi is and always has been the perfect embodiment of purity and Eternal Love.

God bless all of you.

Peace in Christ.