Our world shines a little less bright today
by ndaero93 (2019-01-07 12:25:07)

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I am so sorry for Kimi and for your family, and you are in my prayers past, present, and future.

I'm not one for words, and the sentiments expressed throughout this thread echo what an amazing fighter Kimi was and an inspiration to all of us.

Over the years I've shared what we've learned of Kimi - from her fight, to the Girl Scouts, to making phone holders, to her relationship with Konrad. She attacked each day, each project, each fight with the vigor that few if anyone I've ever known.

I truly believed the and prayed that the culmination of this battle would be seeing pictures of Kimi on her wedding day or even more so as that famous actress/dancer/singer who we could all say "we knew when".

You and your family have been as amazing as she has through this fight. The battle may have ended for Kimi in this world, but as others have stated, Heaven shines brighter with her presence.

God Bless.