Thank you ...
by CJC (2019-01-07 12:25:07)

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Of course my heart breaks for you and your family. Like so many others here, I have prayed for a miracle, for healing, for comfort, for strength.

But God made us to be in relationship -- with him, and with one another.

And I've never seen anybody embrace that as much as you and Kimi.

Because of her -- and your -- trials, trials that I could never imagine myself enduring, nothing else mattered. I don't mean to minimize your pain and heartache and fear in the slightest, but all those things rendered everything else meaningless.

I hate to put it this way, and I hope that you will receive it with the love and empathy intended, but God gave you an "opportunity" to ignore all of those things that the rest of us foolishly believe are important and focus on the only thing that mattered -- relationship.

And you embraced that opportunity in the most remarkable, the most unselfish, the most loving ways imaginable.

So I thank you for that -- for showing us in such a extraordinary way how God intended us to live in relationship with one another.

God bless you and your family.