CJ-Prayers to you, your family, friends,and especially Kimi
by Raristotle (2019-01-07 12:25:07)

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Though we are strangers, I have prayed daily for Kimi since you first posted about her. Not to lessen my other prayers for the health of friends and family, but Kimi's name was one of only two names I daily called out loud, along with my older brother John (ND '90), who died this past summer. Kimi gave me personal strength through her quiet fortitude. She is and will forever be one of my heroes.

I often wonder whether certain friends and family who died made it to Heaven--whether they achieved God's goal for them for all eternity. I don't wonder that Kimi had to wait even a millisecond to achieve the beatific vision; her virtue was perfected here on Earth. Thank you for sharing her saintly story her on NDNation. May God bless you.