dating a Methodist and the IrishTrojan
by 31-30 (2021-11-16 09:43:29)

In reply to: In the spirit of days gone by, what is your all time  posted by FtWorthIrish

I won't use his actual name (although my recollection was it was used back in the day), but IrishTrojan had takes on the ability to root for both USC and Notre Dame in the early 2000s that were not, shall we say, well received by the Board. Led to forays into his weather blogging and, for reasons I forget, his fiancee (although my memory was somehow he introduced her into the conversation). It was an early intro for me into the relentless humor of this Board when it gets going.

Spurred by the nostalgia of this thread, I went to check out to see what was doing, but was taken to what I can only describe as a Japanese-language office furniture website.