I don’t think it’s cheap. This is coming from someone who
by kellykapowski (2021-11-29 13:24:59)

In reply to: I was wondering why Genie+ was relatively cheap  posted by DakotaDomer

paid an extra $125 per person per year for our annual passes in years past. With that, the longest wait time between booking a FastPass was 90 minutes when you booked a top tier ride. At Disneyland, whenever they roll this out, it will be $20 per person per day. It also won’t include the most in demand ride at either Disneyland or California Adventure. That will be a separate cost per person per ride. That shit adds up when you go as often as we do. For a week long family’s vacation, it just becomes a sunk cost that is rolled onto the trip. When you go multiple times each month, it’s just annoying AF. Well, it will be… whenever they roll it out.