You should win some sort of Disney swag for having been
by ACross (2021-11-29 13:24:59)

In reply to: Guide to "Deluxe" Dining at Disney World  posted by rflor

At all of these.

I really did not know the depth, breadth and enthusiasm for Disney vacations. I don’t mean to make a judgment. And I know that your kids love it, as mine would.

And I am also impressed with your determination to try all the restaurants. I wpuld have found one or 2 and just made those my go to. Hell, on my honeymoon, we went to the same restaurant at least 3 of nights we were in Oia. I thought the place was great amd had a perfect view so that was that.

But this is a level of all-in commitment and dedication. You, vermin, and athleisurewear. I dare say it is a cult or at least a religion. Or a fetish? It is at once impressive and peculiar. You gotta believe in something in this world. And the idea of Disney is joy.