Go to the top. Pick Assists in the Stat Category. Pick Per
by Domerduck (2022-05-22 17:31:59)
Edited on 2022-05-22 17:37:20

In reply to: Um…what am I doing wrong?  posted by BabaGhanouj

Mode where you can get Totals, Per Game, or Per 48 minutes. It then ranks the eligible players. When I did it this morning there were 55 eligible with the 7 domers. Just did it again, now only 53, as Sky has been dropped from the leaders. I just sorted it again by scoring per game where Howard is #1, but the ND 6 qualified has Arike #2, Jackie #3, Jewell #9, Marina #14, Jess #33, and Bri still last at #53.

Still you can also go to the top left hand corner and switch to General which has stats sortable by category (where you click on the column headings), but this includes a total of 144 WNBA players who have played at all this season so far. So for scoring (the link attached) it shows Howard #1, but Stewart is now #2, and all the ND players from there include #3 Arike, #4 Jackie, #10 Jewell, #12 Sky, #16 Marina, #31 KMac, #40 Jess, #107 Bri, and #115 Ace.

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, but lots of lawn to cut. Hope this helps.